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Content Marketing Strategy – Why Repurposing Matters A Great Deal!

Your content marketing strategy matters a great deal!

It is vitally important for driving traffic & engagement to all of your online properties.

If you’re creating content for your websites, blogs, social media etc., then you absolutely must look at repurposing them!

content marketing strategy

And if you don’t already know, repurposing will help to extend the reach & longevity of each piece of content that you create.

More importantly it will also help to drive extra traffic, attract new audiences and create more brand awareness for your business.

Repurposing therefore has to be factored in as a core part of your content marketing strategy.

And listed below are some top tools that will help you do just that.

Repurposing Tools For Your Content Marketing Strategy.

1. Audacity – A great FREE tool for recording,  cutting & combining video clips, noise reduction and more.

2. Designrr – Create instant eBooks from videos, podcasts, 3D covers etc.

And submit the content to video, podcast and eBook sharing sites such as Kitaboo, Amazon Kindle or Smashwords.

3. Piktochart – An online tool for creating infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters and more.

4. MeetEdgar – A social media tool to schedule, curate & repurpose content so that your social media accounts never run out of updates.

5. Animoto – A very useful tool to blend photos, video clips, text and music.

6. Visme – A web-based tool to translate data into engaging content i.e. presentations, infographics etc.

7. Blurb – A complete publishing platform for authors, businesses, photo-bookmakers etc.

content repurposing

So, there you have it a comprehensive set of very powerful tools to help you master the art of repurposing your content to drive more traffic, engage better & increase your customer/client rosters.

Do you struggle with content creation ideas and repurposing know how?

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