5 Pillars Of A Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy…

What exactly are the 5 Pillars of a Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy?

Here’s what you can except to learn from reading this post – how to:



5 pillars of a digital marketing campaign strategy

Planning, is the first and the most impactful step that will ultimately decide the fate of your campaign strategy.

This is a step where you don’t want to be cutting any corners, instead you want to take your time to assess these 3 fundamentally important questions:

A. What is your ideal outcome?

The answer to this could be

a). to sell a product or service

b). increase signups to a newsletter

c). introduce a new product or service or

d). brand awareness.

Your desired outcome needs to be clearly defined as this will dictate your campaign blueprint and target focus.

B. When to launch your campaign?

Do you wait for your product or service to be fully ready or do you soft promote prior to launch to whet the appetite of your target audience?

Timing of your launch can play a critical part in the success of your digital marketing campaigns and it does pay to study your industry sector trends for clues on what’s proving to be popular within your particular market niche.

Sites like Google Trends can prove to be a very useful tool in understanding what’s happening within your market segment as you can filter trend parameters by annual growth, country, region and city and time your launch accordingly.

C. How do you make this all happen?

So you now know what your end goal is and you also know when to start your marketing campaign but, how’re you going to get things off the ground?

Start by working out the resources that you will need to allocate to the campaign such as in-house personnel, expertise, time, budget and if you need to bring in outside help.


Campaign strategy - audience reach

The next stage is to clearly define who your ideal target customer is, where they can be found online and why they should buy from you?

Working out who your ideal customer is a must to improving your campaign targeting and more importantly your conversion rates.

These FREE tools are extremely useful to research who your audiences are, where they tend to congregate online and what their buying habits are:

Google Analytics – The Audience tab here will help you decipher the following metrics:

Breakdown of target audience – Actual & potential target locations – The interests of your target audiences.

Another extremely effective tool is Google’s Consumer Insights where the research & data will help you unlock fresh insights to drive your business by understanding the shifts in consumer behaviours, needs and beliefs.

Facebook Insights – Facebook’s business page insights will tell you who your fans are and by clicking on the Likes tab you get to see where your page likes happened.

The data listed here will tell you where you need to publish content and also where you can reach your audiences. 

You can also study your closest competitors to learn what, where, how and when they’re promoting their products and services to fine tweak your own campaign strategy.

IMPORTANT:  Digital marketing campaigns generate so much rich data right from the start so, agility is key to making crucial tweaks and adjustments swiftly to maximise the profitability delivered by your marketing strategy.


Digital marketing campaign action

Action is where you begin the launch phase of your digital marketing campaign.

This is where you will have all your props ready to go i.e. your landing pages, website or videos.

IMPORTANT: When launching your campaign especially if using free social media, the first 30 minutes to 1 hour can be crucial for success!

This is because most social media platforms have algorithms that check the audience engagement levels on your particular post.

And depending on the numbers will elect to either popularise it by sharing it more widely or unfortunately bury it, if the engagement traction isn’t significant enough.

And whilst this might not matter quite as much if you’re just running paid advertising campaigns still, it is good practice to pre-warm your audience up with an upcoming campaign notification letting them know the exact time and date of your launch.

Remember to keep a close eye on the numbers, tracking the results from each method so that you adapt your campaign quickly if necessary.


Campaign Strategy Engagement

Engaging with your audience by first listening and then responding can make a big difference to how an audience will perceive your brand.

Adopting a unified brand tone across all media is important to help audiences easily identify with who and what your brand actually stands for.

Most brands are happy to engage with their customers only when receiving positive feedback but this is a very big mistake.

Negative feedback however, should be seen as a great way to improve your products and services and brands should be thankful that customers have taken the time to state what they’re unhappy about.

Since consumers online can be rather fickle at times, simply click away and run off to find the nearest competitor.

So, if the key goal of your digital campaign strategy is to attract and retain customers then the 2-way narrative has to be weighted heavily in favour of the customer.

This means not taking a defensive stance, being immediately contrite and apologetic if things do go wrong and promising to fix the outstanding issue as swiftly as possible.


digital marketing conversions

Converting your site visitors is going to be the final challenge of the 5 pillars of a digital marketing campaign strategy.

This is where you have pay very close attention to all the tracking metrics that you’ve employed during the life cycle of any campaign.

Learning from the Acquisition & Behaviour tabs in Google Analytics lets you gain real insights into how your customers found your website, landing page, video etc. and how they behaved once they got there.

Metrics such as who referred them and which social media platform converted the best will allow you to adapt your campaign strategy to deliver a better overall customer experience.

Here are some practical ways that you can better convert visitors into buyers:

  • Simplify your page copy by cutting out any unnecessary hype.
  • Clearly express your value proposition.
  • Proudly display your customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Use high quality images.
  • Offer a cast-iron money back guarantee.
  • Reduce any friction in the purchasing process.
  • Offer less choice.
  • Create a sense of urgency – employ countdown timers if applicable.
  • Try answering any likely objections honestly and openly in your copy wherever possible.

And if the primary campaign strategy is to use paid advertising then follow these steps for better conversions:

  1. Use Ad extensions – so that you ads appear larger online.
  2. Allow for multiple methods of payment.
  3. Use Facebook lookalike audiences.
  4. Use re-marketing pixels.

Because you’ve monitored your campaign and addressed any underlying issues that you may have had with conversions, you can now move on to establish your business as the no.1 choice in the minds of your customers.

Some of the easy ways of doing this is by offering tiered payment plans, loyalty incentives for repeat purchases and free offers for brand advocacy and referrals.

Let’s recap…

digital marketing campaign strategy

To run successful digital campaigns businesses must have the right personnel and processes in place.

And while this may seem fairly obvious, it is surprising just how many businesses lose both stacks of money and potential customers through poor planning and ‘off the cuff’ promotional launches.

These 5 pillars of a digital marketing campaign strategy could therefore be used as your blueprint to ensure that every phase has been carefully planned for and chalked off for maximum success.

And if you ever need that extra little bit of proven magic then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our digital marketing agency London for help and advice.

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5 Digital Marketing Tips For Startups & Entrepreneurs in 2020

The 5 digital marketing tips detailed in this post are the cumulative results of careful analysis, rigorous testing and hard won experience gained over the past decade.

But it isn’t always easy to separate fact from fiction though, when there are so many contradictory sources online all purporting to have the right marketing tactics and answers.

Because whether you are a start-up or an established business entity digital marketing will play a significant role in the success or failure of your business venture online.

These 5 fundamental marketing strategies covered below have been thoroughly battle-tested to help aid the promotion and organic growth of any online business.

Starting with…


5 digital marketing tips for startups and entrepreneurs

Knowing who your audience is, is the first major step to succeeding online and yet many businesses simply ignore this vital element!

Determining an audience may seem like a daunting task at first.

So, let’s look at some of the relatively straightforward ways in which you can address this issue:

Start by examining your product or service

*What does it do/offer?

*Does it offer something new/different?

*What problems does it solve?

*Who is it most likely going to benefit?

Next…dive into your competitors:

*Who are their customers?

*Where do they advertise?

*What content are they putting out & where?

*Does your product/service compare favourably?

Next…whittle down audience demographics by…

*Age – *Gender – *Education – *Location – *Income – *Occupation – *Marital Status – *Ethnicity

Final Step…audience psychographics

*Behaviour – *Interests – *Hobbies – *Lifestyle – *Shopping habits – *Opinions & Attitudes

So pretty soon an accurate picture starts to unfold of who your target audience are, where they hang out online together with the strengths/weaknesses of your offering against that of your competitors.

To learn more about audience targeting


5 marketing tips to help businesses

Your website is your shop window! So make sure that it, does reflect the correct brand tone & brand image that you want to be recognised for.

But let’s face it –

Users are both fickle and impatient and if your website is slow loading, poorly designed, hard to navigate or doesn’t answer their search query almost immediately then…

Poof…they vanish, never to be seen again!

And another important reason for having a well designed site, stocked with high quality content is that you get rewarded with higher search rankings too.

Read more about the importance of web-design from this well trusted resource Search Engine Journal.


Content marketing tips


This is a phrase that is repeated often and one that you will no doubt have come across before.

As a matter of fact however, quality content is not only the King, but the Queen & the whole royal family put together.


Because the ability to keep your visitors engaged, enticing them to stay longer and to convert them as a client/customer is directly proportional to the quality of your page content.

Plus you get the added benefit of lower bounce rates, higher conversion ratios and better search ranking positions.

There’s an excellent article by expert author Sonja Jefferson in Marketing Donut that explains more on why content matters in today’s marketing.

4. SEO

digital marketing tips for SEO

SEO is all about laying the bedrock for how well your website is going to be found online.

If you’re bootstrapped for cash learn the basics of web page optimization yourself.

And make sure that each page of your site has page titles and meta descriptions that match the content of that page.

Also include targeted keyword navigational breadcrumbs within your content to lead your site visitor to your internal selling pages, i.e. discount seo offer available here.

So, you draw them further in to access the content that will best elicit the desired action from them.

SEO can best be summed by its’ 2 main constituent parts:


On Page, is in essence everything that you actively control from web design to layout, to content, site navigation, graphics etc.

Off Page, is the process of getting other sites to link back to your website and proving to the search engines that your content is worthy of indexing and ranking.

Read on for more off page ranking tips…


Website promotion ideas and suggestions

Now comes the fun part! You get to show your audience just how useful and wonderful your products and services are.

OK, the groundwork has now been established and you’re ready to tell your world ‘to come & get it!’

Start by submitting your site to the search engines, identify the most relevant directories for your business sector and add your business details there.

If you’re a local business, get listed in local business directories and make sure to add your name, address and phone number accurately (NAP) & consistently on each one of them.

These are known as citations, they count as backlinks and will help your business to be indexed and ranked by the search engines.

Run an online PR campaign to spread your news across various media outlets and news platforms.

Push your content out onto social media platforms on a daily/weekly basis to develop and nurture relationships with your target customers.

Using these steps to market and promote your website will increase your online reach and help gain more site visitor traffic.

And doing this consistently over time will also help achieve better search rankings too.

Because this is part of the OFF PAGE SEO process that we discussed earlier.

So, how are these 5 Digital Marketing Tips helping?

Here’s a quick image recap of the 5 tips.

5 digital marketing summary

Start implementing these 5 digital marketing tips and strategies as early as today.

So, establish a daily schedule of the tasks that you need to complete – stick to finishing them each day – and pretty soon you will see your business develop and grow.

Here’s a quick video recap for you:

Marketing help

And finally, let us know in the comment section below if you have found any of these tips helpful…

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Darryl Antonio
Digitalhound are an award-winning London digital marketing agency with 20+ years of expertise in delivering high performance results for its' clients.

Darryl & the team are proven experts in growth-hacking digital campaigns to help businesses grow to their fullest potential while lowering their cost of acquisition.

A sought after speaker at high-end Digital Marketing conferences, Darryl is available for private business consultations, seminars and conferences.

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7 Growth Hacking Tips For Entrepreneurs…

Growing your business can be fairly hard going at the best of times, let alone when facing uncertain and serious economic downshifts.

The 7 growth hacking tips featured below should if nothing else, help focus your attention on areas that you can directly influence to fast track your business development.


Growth Hacking Tips 1 - Automation

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out sooner or later you are going to have to use automation to free up your own time.

Picking tasks that automation can easily accomplish will help to streamline your business processes.

Automation will free up valuable time, leaving you to concentrate on key areas that require your fullest attention.

Importantly it will significantly increase your business productivity as a result.

Find out more about automation at Redhat.com


Growth Hacking Tips 2 - Investing

Risk unfortunately is very much like a business side-kick that appears uninvited right from the very start and then sadly sticks around for the duration.

Money needs to be allocated for the inner working hubs of a business such as IT, software, skilled staff etc.

Spending wisely on getting the correct infrastructure in place will save a lot of potential headaches down the road.

A talented worker can for instance help accelerate the pace of growth by their input, knowledge and skill.

Here’s an interesting take on investing in your business from Workspace.co.uk


Growth Hacking Tips 3 - Acquisition

Customer acquisition will no doubt preoccupy most if not all of your waking thoughts.

The key to cutting out the worry element is to prepare as meticulously as possible before launching any promotional campaign.

Patience, determination and perseverance should be your close cohorts as you seek to educate, engage with and encourage interaction with your prospective clients and customers.

Defining your target audience and knowing exactly where they hang out in cyberspace will be crucial for speeding up acquisition, your conversion rates and lowering your costs too.

Do you find these growth hacking tips useful so far? Then keep on reading…


G H Tips 4 - Analysis

Without analysing what’s working and what isn’t there can be NO growth.

Simple as this may seem, it is pretty surprising how many businesses ignore the low hanging fruit that lies within data analytics.

The ability to draw a composite picture, sectioning off more responsive lists for testing new products or services, trialling new offers or launching successful brand building campaigns can easily be gleaned from studying user behavioural patterns contained within the data.

Learn more about data driven marketing here.


G H Tips 5 - Retention

OK so far, you’ve embraced automation, you’ve got the right personnel on board, you’re beginning to acquire some customers and you’ve analysed what makes them tick.


Great, but now your work is only just beginning because your new found clients, customers and followers are about to become your biggest advocates and brand ambassadors.

Of course, there is a small matter of building up trust and loyalty first which shouldn’t really be an issue, as long as you keep on providing the quality of product and/or service that your customers have come to rely on.

Be transparent if & when things go wrong, be quick to respond and make reparations or offer suitable alternatives where appropriate.

And above all keep your communications clear, concise and on point!

Find out more on customer retention here from Hubspot.


G H Tips 6 - Referrals

Now this is an area which can be particularly tricky or downright uncomfortable for some but think of it this way:

If you’re servicing your customers well (no pun intended!) and they’re happy with you then, why wouldn’t they want to promote your business to their friends and colleagues?

Your clients and customers are one of your greatest assets so, treat them well and they will respond accordingly.


Growth H Tips - Joint Venture

This is a great way to piggy-back on your fellow competitors’ customer databases.

Select ones that you feel might best compliment your business and offer to run joint sponsorship initiatives such as webinars, seminars, coaching sessions etc.

Quote them in a blog post if appropriate and then ask them to share it with their customers, email lists, followers and so on.

Generally speaking, if your tone of approach is one of respect and you are prepared to offer the right incentives then it’s highly likely that you will receive a favourable response.


G Hacking Tips - Summary

So, there you have it – 7 Growth Hacking Tips to set you on your way in 2020 & beyond!

Hopefully, these tips may add some more fuel to your current business plans and help to steer your growth efforts in the right direction.

The key to achieving fast track business growth will be directly influenced, by your drive and ultimately your determination to see things through no matter how many hiccups or road bumps you may encounter along the way.

Need help with fast tracking your business? Feel free to contact us here.

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Darryl Antonio
Digitalhound are an award-winning London digital marketing agency with 20+ years of expertise in delivering high performance results for its' clients.

Darryl & the team are proven experts in growth-hacking digital campaigns to help businesses grow to their fullest potential while lowering their cost of acquisition.

A sought after speaker at high-end Digital Marketing conferences, Darryl is available for private business consultations, seminars and conferences.

Call the London team on 020 7873 2476 to arrange a FREE 'no obligation' chat about your business today...