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Content Marketing Strategy – Why Repurposing Matters A Great Deal!

Your content marketing strategy matters a great deal!

It is vitally important for driving traffic & engagement to all of your online properties.

If you’re creating content for your websites, blogs, social media etc., then you absolutely must look at repurposing them!

content marketing strategy

And if you don’t already know, repurposing will help to extend the reach & longevity of each piece of content that you create.

More importantly it will also help to drive extra traffic, attract new audiences and create more brand awareness for your business.

Repurposing therefore has to be factored in as a core part of your content marketing strategy.

And listed below are some top tools that will help you do just that.

Repurposing Tools For Your Content Marketing Strategy.

1. Audacity – A great FREE tool for recording,  cutting & combining video clips, noise reduction and more.

2. Designrr – Create instant eBooks from videos, podcasts, 3D covers etc.

And submit the content to video, podcast and eBook sharing sites such as Kitaboo, Amazon Kindle or Smashwords.

3. Piktochart – An online tool for creating infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters and more.

4. MeetEdgar – A social media tool to schedule, curate & repurpose content so that your social media accounts never run out of updates.

5. Animoto – A very useful tool to blend photos, video clips, text and music.

6. Visme – A web-based tool to translate data into engaging content i.e. presentations, infographics etc.

7. Blurb – A complete publishing platform for authors, businesses, photo-bookmakers etc.

content repurposing

So, there you have it a comprehensive set of very powerful tools to help you master the art of repurposing your content to drive more traffic, engage better & increase your customer/client rosters.

Do you struggle with content creation ideas and repurposing know how?

Then, why not contact our experienced team of content marketing services London specialists for more help and guidance.

Short or longform content for blog posts and websites, video creation, Infographics and podcasts?

We alleviate your workload and take your stress away, freeing up your valuable time so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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3 SEO Terms that you will need to master in 2021…

3 SEO terms that you should become closely familiar with over the course of the next few months are:

1. LCP or Largest Contentful Paint

LCP is the amount of time taken to display your largest content element from when a user first requests your URL.

The content element is most likely to be an image, video or perhaps even a large block of text.

2. FID or First Input Delay

FID, is the amount of time measured from when a user first interacts with your page by clicking on a link or button – to the time taken for the browser to respond.

In order to provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.

3. CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift

CLS is a measurement based upon the amount that a page layout shifts while it is loading in the browser.

This is most likely to be caused when using images, iframes or video embeds without specifying their dimensions.

In order to provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have a CLS score of less than 0.1.


So, why are these 3 SEO terms important?

Because these 3 terms are essentially what ‘Core Web Vitals’ are all about.

And ‘core web vitals’ are a real-time measure of loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability of your web pages.

Which are the fundamental building blocks that Google will use to determine the search ranking worthiness of your web pages in the near future.

Latest Developments…

Importantly, Google have just announced that page experience signals will be added to their search ranking algorithm from May 2021.

These signals measure how a site visitor interacts with your pages to ascertain whether the experience is helpful and enjoyable.

The new page experience signals are said to combine Core Web Vitals with existing search ranking signals such as mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines too.

Image: courtesy of Google Webmasters blog

Google also intend to highlight pages that have great page experience in search results with a visual indicator.

Crucially, this is bound to influence the choice of users in clicking the search result that they want to visit.

The knock on effect is likely to impact clickthrough rates, bounce rates and inevitably search rankings too!

What to do next…

Start by conducting a thorough website audit to determine where there is room for improvement.

Google’s search console tool provides an overview of how your site is performing, detailing any issues that may need addressing.

Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse are 2 of the tools that are commonly used to iterate any necessary page improvements.

Additionally, these core web vital tools provide further help on improving user page experience.

Incidentally, AMP continues to be touted as the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver a great page experience.

It is understood that, Google will link to a cache-optimized AMP version if you publish an AMP content version.

In Conclusion…

Google’s primary aim is to rank pages with the best information overall.

And even though great page experience does not override great page content.

The two combined, present an extremely powerful ranking signal that Google will find hard to ignore.

The overall message is loud and clear!

Get to grips with this impending algorithm update and begin the process of improving your user page experience.

Make sure that your web pages are mobile friendly and offer safe browsing.

Employ the HTTPS safety protocol and avoid the use of intrusive popups whenever possible.

Or else…risk being shunted down the search rankings pecking order indefinitely.

The good news however, is that we have ample time to address these issues.

As the new changes will only come into effect in May 2021.

So, it’s time to get really comfy with these 3 SEO terms and begin your process of iteration soon.

Do let us know how you get on in the comments section below. Contact our London SEO agency team for further help and advice.

Content Promotion – 12 Best Ways To Spice Up Your Content Marketing…

Content promotion requires resourceful application…

Why do we say that and what does that even mean? Read on to discover the reasons.

So, you’ve created your epic masterpiece and you are now ready to unleash it to a largely unsuspecting world…

You publish this sterling piece of content to your website or blog and perhaps even to your social media accounts.

And you then wait nervously for the hordes to discover this, fete and congratulate you.

Aha, fame at last!

A few days pass – You keep checking your stats by the hour – hey something’s wrong?

A week goes by and then another one, your stats indicate that no one has showed up?

Blast! Your budding career as a world-beating content creator has been prematurely nipped in the bud.

You slam doors, curse your luck, curse the people who didn’t show up, curse your star sign – Oh, we Pisceans are just born unlucky!

And then…just as you’re about to completely give up, you discover this life-changing post. And lo and behold you are transformed!


Click to expand


Time needed: 3 minutes.

How To: 12 Content Promotion Tips To Transform Your Content Marketing


    Share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Tumblr and Google+

    Social media automation tools such as Buffer Publish, Hootsuite & MeetEdgar are huge timesavers, allowing you to schedule your posts in advance.

    And if you do get stuck for new content topics, Loomly can be a useful tool in helping to generate new post ideas.

  2. VIDEO:

    Convert your content to video and share it on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion etc.

    You can do this manually by opening your screen recorder software and then recording all your content with a voiceover to finish with.

    Lumen5 on the other hand will automatically generate a video from your existing content.

    With impressive AI technology, you can storyboard your ideas, add different layouts and find appropriate music to add to your video.

    You can also try other alternatives such as InVideo, RawShorts and Rocketium – all offering various content conversions and add on capabilities.


    Create PowerPoint slides of your content and post them to

    Start by breaking up your content into short, readable points and use your first slide to emphasise the main point of your content.

    Use the accompanying slides to validate your main point and try to include just one idea per slide if you can.

    Also try using relevant, compelling images to augment your points when required.

    And lastly, end your slideshow with a strong call to action.


    Trim your best content into shareable Infographics using free resources like PiktoChart and Canva and distribute them to, Slideshare, Fast Company, Flickr, Reddit

  5. EMAIL:

    Email your subscribers to let them know that you have just published a new and valuable piece of content.

    There are plenty of perfectly good email services both free and paid, that you can use to send out your newsletters.

    A quick search on Google will help to identify some that may be most suitable to your tastes and budget.

  6. PDF’s:

    Convert your content into a .PDF version and share it on

    You can convert your content by 1 of 2 ways:
    a). Go to, enter the link to your article in the URL field and click on “Convert file”.

    b). Go to, add your content URL and hey presto, you now have your.PDF file.

  7. Q/A SITES:

    Find and answer questions on Quora specific to your content topic and then link back to it in your response.

    Simply enter your main content keyword in the search bar on, click on any of the questions and leave a well-thought out and constructive answer behind.

    Note: You will need to sign up before you can post anything.

  8. BLOGS:

    Search out blogs with similar content posts and leave helpful comments on them with a link back to your related content.

    You can do this by entering search strings such as: “{yourkeyword} “become a contributor” OR “contribute to this site”.

    REMEMBER – DO NOT SPAM! Only leave genuine comments that are relevant to the post.


    Find user groups on social media pages and forums within your industry sector to leave links to your content on them.

    Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter et al have specific user groups set up around a common set of interests.

    These user groups are pretty easy to find simply by entering, either your industry sector or main keyword.

  10. PR:

    Create news angles about your new content and distribute it across powerful news sharing platforms such as Google News, Yahoo and Bing.

    Press releases are a powerful way of distributing content to high traffic websites and platforms and can generate a lot of targeted views and interest.

    News angles can be about anything such as: – a new product – launch of a new service – a new employee – a new partnership deal – a milestone – an industry award etc.

  11. LINKING:

    Link to your new content from existing pieces/pages of related content to create a relevant internal content silo structure.

    This should be a relatively straightforward task.

    For instance, if you have a content page called ‘‘ and you then write a blog post entitled ‘cheap holidays to savour this autumn’ – it then makes perfect sense for the 2 pages to be linking to each other.

  12. MEDIA:

    Convert your new content into bite-sized podcast sessions to target and reach new audiences through ApplePodcasts, GooglePodcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser and TuneIn.

    SpeechKit or Trinity Audio (a WordPress plugin) will instantly turn your article into a podcast, giving you the opportunity to amplify your content further.

You now possess the necessary knowledge to back up your much vaunted content creation skills.

Content creation services

And you’re ready to fly again armed with this newly discovered knowhow.


Finding out who your target audience are and where they most hang out online. Learn more about this here.

brand marketing

You then need to evaluate your existing content and/or any new content that you create to make sure there is a fit.

Treat your existing content as an asset that you can repurpose, chop up and dissect to suit your content promotion campaigns.

Make sure to tailor your content to suit both the platform and the target demographics that you are submitting to.

For instance, your image sizes need to be 1080×1080 pixels to get the best results in Instagram whereas, it’s 1128×376 pixels for a Hero image on LinkedIn.

Also try and make sure that your content URL’s fit the platform that you are submitting them to.

As a URL shortener like will not be accepted by Pinterest.

To Recap…

Your content is one of the most valuable assets that you possess.

High quality content is key to growing your brand stature, influence and resonance with your target audiences.

But maybe, just maybe you’ve run out of new ideas or tired of coming up constantly with new concepts to create more content.

If that is so, just rewrite and repurpose what you currently have already.

So, if you’ve written about the ‘5 best tips on how to bowl a googly’ – revise the article to something like ‘Batsmen completely bamboozled by latest googly delivery’ instead.

Convert your articles into slides, pdf’s, videos, infographics and podcasts and share them across each of the relevant platforms highlighted above.

Be persistent, determined and focused and be prepared to fail. FAIL – Yes, I said that dreaded 4-letter word!

Because in reality, sadly not every piece of content that you create is going to be a howling success.

So you will need to develop a bit of a thick-skin and carry on persevering with your content goals.

Use all the tools that you have at your disposal, including any insights that you may have gained from this post.

And ultimately you will hone your content promotion campaigns down to a fine, practiced art primed for achieving consistent online success.