What is E.A.T. SEO & why it is vital for your websites?

So what does E.A.T. SEO mean? Below, we take a closer look at why this is important for your websites to rank well in Google.

E.A.T. is an acronym (if you haven’t already guessed!) for:

E = Expertise

A = Authoritativeness

T = Trustworthiness

Keep reading to discover some useful E.A.T. SEO tips and strategies that you can apply to improve your search rankings.

SEO Tips - What is E.A.T.

Let’s examine what each of these elements mean and why they’re important for SEO.


To be favoured in the SERPS (search engine ranking positions) your website content must meet these 3 major ranking criteria.

Starting with web content, since Google does not understand content the way human beings do it instead, looks for signals that it can gather about your content to understand how it correlates with how humans assess relevance.

SEO PRO TIP 1: How pages link to each other is one of the well-known signals that Google uses.

It is imperative therefore, that your content resonates well with your target audience by:

a). Acknowledging & addressing their search query, including a descriptive or helpful title in the first instance.

b). Providing as in-depth an answer or solution as might be feasibly relevant to the search query thereby demonstrating your particular expertise.

c). Backing-up statements by providing fact-based evidence such as linking to seminal works or citing other reputable sites on the subject.

SEO Tips- E.A.T. - Why It's A Must Have


Looking through Google’s algorithmic eyes websites or pages that have no beneficial purpose, ones that make no attempt to help users, or pages that potentially spread hate, cause harm, or misinform or deceive users, will receive their lowest rating.

Creating high quality web pages takes a significant amount of time and effort, expertise and skill too.

When pages are created that are factually accurate for the topic and backed-up by solid expert published opinion, then those pages are most likely to be deemed as being authoritative.

Clear examples of authority sites include:

Bruce Clay – The Father of SEO

Seth Godin – The Ultimate Entrepreneur

SEO TIP 2: Your reputation as an author will affect how your content is viewed. Make sure that what you put out is of the highest quality and contribute to leading publications in your industry.


Google favours high quality original content. Therefore, it is pointless to adopt a poor short term strategy that will only lead to low ranking penalties and ultimately site oblivion.

Let’s be clear – by poor strategy we mean:



The key to E. A. T. SEO is to adopt a strategy right from the very outset that places your target audience at the very heart of every bit of content that you publish.

SEO Tips - Putting it all together

In doing so, you not only benefit by adhering to Google’s content ranking guidelines but also by improving user engagement, lowering bounce rates and ultimately being seen as a primary resource within your industry.

SEO TIP 3: Align your content creation efforts closely with the E.A.T. SEO criteria to send a strong signal to Googlebot that your content is worth ranking well.


There are no doubt many other ranking signals used to determine the top spots.

But Googlebot’s automated web crawler is programmed to use a mix of many different signals to rank good content.

It is understood that the ranking signals use a mix of what, we as humans would agree is great content based upon the E.A.T. SEO criteria.

It has to be said however, that earning full marks from Google for all 3 E.A.T. criteria is certainly not going to be easy.

Therefore, from an SEO tips standpoint assessing your own content based on the E-A-T criteria will most probably send a strong signal that your content is worthy of ranking well.

Need help with establishing your E.A.T.? SEO help from a team of experts is a mere click away.

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